Why join the DCME

Why join the DCME


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A place where I can forget about everything and just enjoy myself. It is a great way to have fun, learn a lot, and socialize with others. I can play what I enjoy and it is a wonderful learning experience. It has improved my music skills and my love of playing.

The DCME for me is a chance to play awesome music for the community along with a bunch of cool musicians. It is something very special to me to work with everyone towards concerts. For me it is a bit of a break from school things, and while it does sometimes take a bit of an effort on longer days, it always ends up being really fun. I really hope this continues to grow and develop and become more awesome!

It is a great opportunity to play with other amateur musicians of a similar ability. It has helped me broaden my knowledge of music and playing with a group. It is also a great opportunity to perform as an ensemble. It gives us amateur players the exposure to music and performing, as without DCME there wouldn’t be any opportunities for us to play and perform with fellow musicians.