Wind Symphony

The Wind Symphony


Director: Jim Kulpa

The Wind Symphony was established in 2008 to cater for the growing number of brass and woodwind players who could not be accommodated in the Orchestra. Under the direction of Sanford Jones, the Wind Symphony grew in membership and expanded its repertoire of Wind Band literature. A significant milestone was the performance of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” together with pianist Mert Esen.
This was Sanford’s farewell concert.

In 2011, Jim Kulpa took over direction. The Wind Symphony has now added more public performances to its schedule, including outdoor performances at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, and combined concerts with the ASD Concert Band. To Further the tradition of featuring a soloist, the Wind Symphony performed the Edward Gregson Tuba Concerto in 2013 with BBC Young Artist, Christopher Dunn.


Who needs to audition?

  • All new members must audition for placement into the Orchestra and/or Wind Symphony. Any former or current members wishing to play as a section leader or principal player, must also audition.

What should I play?

  • Musicians are asked to prepare a short solo (2-3 minutes). You will also be asked to sight read a short piece during the audition.

The season already started, can I still audition?

  • Absolutely! The Orchestra and Wind Symphony welcome new members throughout the season. Simply contact the DCO to arrange a private audition with the conductors.

I don’t have my own instrument; can I rent one from the orchestra or wind symphony?